Tuesday, November 10, 2009


"Human beings must be known to be loved; but Divine beings must be loved to be known."
-Blaise Pascal

Picture: A Church on the way to Vaikom from Erankulam. Taken at very early morning.


Devika said...

Going by the quote I don't seem human or divine -- an animal must be....to be known has never been in my scheme of things :)

I have seen that Church...Lovely shot, Maddy :)

btw, you sound a bit annoyed with me there in the response at previous -- njan etho oru moodil entho paranju ennu karuthiyal mathi, my dear friend :)


Devika said...

and "to be loved" -- there too...that craving 'to be loved' is gone since so many years...may be in old age it will be back :)

to love -- was always there,


Kichu $ Chinnu | കിച്ചു $ ചിന്നു said...

looks like u travelled a lot in kerala recently

ப்ரியா said...


Reflections said...

Lovely pic and quote:-))!!!! If u hadnt mentioned it one wd have thought u took it in the moonlight:-).

Ferreira-Pinto said...

A great photo using the first rays of light.
Nice blue on the church facade.

Cute Cadre said...

Woow..nice shot, thought it was clicked in moon light.

Maddy said...

Devika....Thanks for the comment. oh! No, I am not annoyed at all.May be my malayalam wa bad.Take it easy.

Kichu & Chinnu....Indeed I covered lot of places in 3 days.

Priya...Thanks for your visit after a longtime.

Nancy...Initally I thought the same way. But stopped my car and looked carefully and clicked it.

FP-Thanks for the comment mate.

Cute-Cadre..Thank you so much

Devika said...

thanks Maddy :)