Friday, June 13, 2008


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Shanti said...

You seemed to have a lot of interest in art and painting. What runs in your thoughts about it when you take pictures like this? For me, I see as Ishwara's beauty and how one can appreciate life even if they are the worst stage.Everything in this world can be explored...right till small is that vast. I work with scientist and sometimes when I read their findings I will smile to can go as deep as you want..we will still find something and eventually you will see it in everything...

I dun have flair for art but I love music... :-)

Thanks for the nice thot' you drop in my blog...cheerio!!

Ash said...

Awesome artwork, Maddie.
I'd love to hang that on my wall!

Ash said...


Maddy said...


Thank you so much for your comment. I never realised this drawing can be interpreted the way you have done. thats the beauty of art.Thanks again!!


Sure, you can!!

Shades said...

thanks a lot for your visit to my place... and , is this your work? really, really beautiful...!

PreethZzZ said...

thanks for your appreciation... your photography as well as art work looks wonderful.. keep up the great work.. :)