Monday, July 7, 2008

Turkish Chandelier

Turkish Chandelier in my living room!!


Anonymous said...

A magnificent chandlier which must be nice seeing up on a living room.
Great colours too.

Thank you for your visit to my humble blog.
Please do come back whenever you wish.

Ash said...

Wow, this is AWESOME. It must be absolutely wonderful having something as exotic as this, in your living room.

Shades said...

wow...! now its my turn to say woooowww!!!
Beautiful, Maddy...!!

Shanti said...


Romba nandri. I'm very fine. How are you? Well, something I know about you today. You speak tamil:-)

Hmmm...Chandelier in your living room?? You just realised the beauty of the colours? Well, if you add all the colours, it becomes white :-)

Look at our mitya of the understanding of colours...


monsoon-dreams said...

chandelier in ur living room?how i wish i could have one as beautiful as this!came to ur blog thru shades,was surprised to find ur hobbies same as mine.thru eyes,heart and occiput-u a medico?

Maddy said...

Quinttaratino.....Thanks for your visit too. Sure I would drop again.


Shades- Thank you so much

Shanti- I think I have to learn what you said.

Monsoon-dreams- Thanks for your visit.No I am not a medico foryunately or unfortunately. Come again

Radha said...

loved the photography there !
the lampshade is pretty too!

Amrita said...

Pure magic. Guess Alladin had these in his cave LOL

Anonymous said...

Cameravodaye suththuveengalaa??
Very professional paa!!
Keep it up!!!

-Mathu Krishna