Tuesday, December 30, 2008

EYE-TO-EYE New year

This is my recent play with colours and brushes. Wanted to give the title “ EYES “. When I finished the painting I felt, there are so many of your eyes looking at me and I could see all your eyes too. On the occasion of another New Year I wish

keep an eye for eye
…to see beautiful things
…to feel the love and warmth
…to smile
…to laugh
…to take refuge
…to look for the soul
…for the giving
…for the bond that ties
…for the touches
…for the heartprints
…for the peace and harmony

Wishing you all a wonderful EYE-TO-EYE New year!!!!


Devika said...

That was a good post, Maddy

A slightly scary image...
But a good representation of the world today...

Wish you and family a Very Happy New Year, Maddy


Sekhar said...

Hi Maddy, Wish you a Very Happy, and prosperous New Year.
Happy painting & clicking :)

Renu said...

Nice painting with good display of colors:)
wont try to delve into the hidden meanings:)

Wish u a happy new yr !

Reflections said...

Lovely.....eye-catching.... striking!!!!!
Please frame it well...often a lousy frame spoils the look of the painting.

And equally if not more beautiful wishes...thank U

Wishing U a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

இனியவள் புனிதா said...

மனம் நிறைந்த இனிய புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துகள்!!!

Raji said...


Ash said...

Happy New Year, Maddy! Have a wonderful 2009 :-)

Keshi said...

Beautiful post with a beautiful msg!


I hope that in this new year, ppl will start to open their eyes and hearts, and live by the SOUL instead of the BODY.



கவிதா | Kavitha said...

Nice painting.. nice post..

Beji said...

eyeing the kites of possibilities

Anonymous said...

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