Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Outdoor- 1

As winter started here the climate is awesome and people are venturing into outdoors. Day before we had a day holiday and couple of friends and families went for a picnic to an old fort in one of the emirates here.

One of the stone houses!! Few decades ago people lived here!

Stair leading to the terrace

Stair( Yes, Wooden poles) leading to first floor

View from the so called palace

Majlis or reception area on the hill top. Look at the approach way and the ancient stone houses without roof.


Keshi said...

wow really cool pics! I'd never get to see such cute stone-houses here in Aus :)

really nice pics Maddy!


Devika said...

Nice, so ineteresting to see these unknown places, Maddy...

thank you for that :)


Ps said...

Lovely!Imagine living there!
preeti shenoy

அமிர்தவர்ஷினி அம்மா said...

It looks like harappa & mohanjadaaro.

nice pics.

Sam!! said...

Interesting... nice pictures you shared Maddy:))

Take care

Renu said...

beautiful and amazing :) seems so historical place, and those wooden stairs...I cud never step on that:)

chandni said...

lovely pics!!!!

where is this?

Keshi said...

and Maddy Im bak :)


DeeplyDip said...

i especially liked the first that a house too? and where is this fort?

Kichu $ Chinnu | കിച്ചു $ ചിന്നു said...

really nice !! Which is this place?

Reflections said...

Nice pics:-) the others asked, which emirate is this...cant be Dubai;-P???
So how was Eid hols???

Goofy Mumma said...

Came here through your comment on reflections. I had been there too the day before, though did not quite explore a lot. Just clicked some random pics from the entrance point at left, mainly because it was completely deserted and its in such an isolated location! Wonderful to see the photos and know people actually picnic there, you seem to have looked around nicely.

Jeevan said...

Interesting stone houses! and the place itself seems quite :)

Maddy said...

Thanks @ Keshi
Thank you Devika. Glad you liked it.
PS: Its completely a deserted place. After living in concrete jungle, I don’t think we can spend even a full day
Amirthavarshini Amma: Yes, this place is Haraappa for the people here.
Sam..Thanks for your visit
Renu….It was indeed tough to climb on the stairs
Chandini…Place called Al Hayl fort near Fujeraih
Deeplydip….It was a house(stone structure)
Nancy..Eid holidays were perfect. I answered your question about the place
Goofymumma..Yes I did explore
Jeevan…..It is completely deserted place of course

கவிதா | Kavitha said...

I really love this kind of ancient collections.. plz send pics to my email

Really u did a great job and appreciate ur interest to catch this into your cam Man !!