Friday, February 27, 2009

Day and Night

Few pictures of my town during day and night

The first is Gold souq(Gold Market)


Devika said...

WOW! Lovely shots Maddy :)

With the black backdrop of the blog.they look awesome...especially the night shots :)

why wouldn't you post more often??


Sekhar said...

Ya truly nice shots man :)

ப்ரியா said...

Good ones Maddy.Post often.

Ash said...

Interesting how day and night offers an entirely different "look"! Very nice!

Reflections said...

Agree with Devika both abt the pics & the posts:-)

monsoon-dreams said...

seems like the building is also made of gold.

Kichu $ Chinnu | കിച്ചു $ ചിന്നു said...

liked the perspective! third foto is not good. it so blurry.. i think u tried with long exposure

Maddy said...

Thanks Devika. I wish I could do!!

Sekhar.. Thank you


Ash, yeah...light gives us what a wondeful sights

Reflection.....Shall try for sure.

MD....Inside of the building is Gold.....Yes one of the Gold souq in the region

Kitchu...You are right. This was one of my very earlier pictures immediately after buying a camera.

fishing guy said...

Maddy: What wonderful shapes on the buildings of your town.

Anonymous said...

I love the mosque on Buheira Corniche. When you're driving up to it from the R/A it feels like the road heads straight into the mosque!

Anonymous said...

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