Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Click & Click

Sometime it is very interesting to see how enthusiastic we are, trying to click......like the budding Photographers with the mobile phone

taken during a sport activity in a school


Devika said...

I love this last photo...
specially the child in the centre :))

I wonder where the "mobile" world would take these little angels.. :)


Reflections said...

Hey.....an interesting perspective:-D!!!

Sometimes I thk that while we are trying to take tht perfect picture we are actually missing out on the enjoyment of tht moment. What say???

ur daughters sports day?????

Ash said...

Wow - thats a lot of enthusiastic shutterbugs :-)

fishing guy said...

Maddy: It looks like a really good photo opertunity day.

Maddy said...

Devika....Even I liked those little ones taking photos, trying different angles in mobile.

Reflection..True..We forget to capture those moments in our mind's eye sometimes

Ash....Be aware of competiton

Fishing Guy...I had my field day

bettyl said...

It is quite interesting how life has changed in the last 10 years!

Love the photos in your blog!

Rashmi said...

So Cute.. I like the perspective.. People generally dont see their own backs so nicely :P.

Tys on Ice said...

funny. i show a similar thing near KV, where there was a car burning, an ambulance and 3 police cars and abot 50 bystanders and about 15 rubberneckers shooting the scene with their mobile...capture the moment is so commonplace i guess

Anonymous said...

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