Thursday, July 24, 2008

Collectors series- Part Four-Final


"Beatles" original record

Polyphon!!! The "record" was made up of metal with few perforation!!



Shades said...

its like strolling inside an antique museum.. thanks...!!

Shanti said...


Just few days I didn't drop by your have uploaded so many interesting stuff...interesting!!!! Romba freeah??

Ash said...

Delightful collection.

By the way, isnt it spelled Gramophone?

Maddy said...

Shades....Thank you for your visit inbetween your busy schedule.

Shanti..You were busy but asking me Romba freeauh?? Kindal thane.

Achu...Thanks girl for the correction. Coreected now

Hilary said...

Very enjoyable series of collections. Thanks for sharing. :)

monsoon-dreams said...

thats great.there is a store near my home where they sell old records.thanks for posting these snaps.

Double Seven said...

This gotto be Liverpool... isn't it?