Monday, July 21, 2008

Collectors Series-Part one

As part of Summer festival here in my place, one of the shopping malls is exhibiting "Collectors" stuff where loads of things people collect.

One such thing on display is "Camera"


Shades said...

antique pieces... lovely..!

Maddy said...

That was quick comment. thanks you.

Amrita said...

Thank you Maddy for visting me.

I like your photography.

I had a camera like that one but i threw it away as junk, didn 't realise it could be a collectors item. Anyway i have another old camera, will save it.We 've got lots of antiques, problem is storing them.

Hilary said...

Very cool cameras.. wouldn't that be fun to own!

monsoon-dreams said...

its amazing to see how camera has evolved over years.was this exhibition in UAE?

Daniel J Santos said...

In the old days, maybe taking photos had another taste.

Ash said...

Enjoyed this post. I'm a HUGE sucker for collections.

Maddy said...

Amrita, Keep it safe.You never know sometime it may be a goldmine!!Thanks for your visit here.

Hilary.....Even I thought so, but you know stealing is a crime!!!LOL!!.Thanks for dropping to my page.

Monsoon-dreams...I wonder what kind of pictures they would have taken in this cameras!Ye it is in Dubai,UAE.

Daniel - What you said might be true. Probably that was the elite's hobby.

Achu, I know I know girl!!!!