Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Collectors series- Part Three

This is all about currencies.
I don't know how this guy could get dollor notes in roll??!!!

First time I have seen a Square shaped bill!! I guess it is Thailand's!! Correct me if I am wrong.

This is the Highest denomination note I have ever seen!!

Indian one Rupee Note!!!

Oh! those were the days I was longing to get this as my pocket money,

but pocket had only coins!!!

I doubt if one rupee note is still in circulation in India?


claude said...

Thank your for your visit and your kind comment !

Luke said...

This is very interesting! nice collections!

adi said...

yes it is but almost a collector's item ;)

Daniel J Santos said...

I only have a small collection of coins, were from my father.


Ash said...

Interesting series!

Indrani said...

This caught my eye! You have an amazing collection! One rupee notes are no longer in circulation here.

vaibhav said...

Although not the one rupee notes, 1 Re. coins are used amply.

Thats a nice collection.

Interestingly, I possess a couple of these one rupee notes with me, apart from a few other old Indian currencies.

vaibhav said...

Well, that might not be the largest denomination, since Zimbabwe recently released a $10 million denomination note.


இனியவள் புனிதா said...

அது தாய்லாந்துக்கு சொந்தமானதுதான்.

Double Seven said...

You can still get hold of these notes though in Bombay.
Some families use these notes during religious occasions such as Diwali, etc. to make sets of odd-amount gifts. (such as Rs. 1001, 100001, etc)